Praise for Fox and Camel

Fox and Camel presents ordinary life situations and challenges in ways that are approachable to children. Reading Fox and Camel with your child allows the parent to open a deeper discussion of the impact of our behavior on others, the importance of understanding our feelings and the feelings of others and what are the values your family holds dear. And all in an entertaining, amusing and charming way!

– Catherine Mermelstein PhD

The Popkin grandchildren enjoying a Fox & Camel book

The books are really stunning, and your work absolutely deserves widespread reading!

Our grandkids totally agree, by the way. Even the three 2-year-olds were fully engaged, and one of the beauties of the books is your speaking to multiple age levels — a tough challenge.

– Dr. Joel Popkin

Fox and Camel learning how to play chess

“Fox and Camel” work together to problem-solve as only “youngsters” can. The stories are delightful and heartwarming.

– Carol Landa, Teacher

Grandpa Camel

These stories are awesome! They blew me away.

– Bob Salston, pediatrician working with children for over 40 years