Fox & Camel: Vacation Time


Volume 4. Fox and Camel were the best of friends. They were always together. But when Camel’s family decides to go on a vacation, Camel has to leave his friend behind. Camel gets himself in a scary situation and wishes his friend, Fox, was with him. Camel quickly discovers that his dad is right there to help him. He is lucky to have his family as a wonderful support, too.

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Camel’s family go on a vacation and he hopes it’s to the beach, but it’s the middle of Winter. The destination is the mountains to ski and Fox is left behind. Camel doesn’t know what skiing is, can’t imagine how to put his skis on and doesn’t understand why his best friend can’t join them.  Read along as Camel is placed in a beginner’s ski school and fails to follow directions or listen to instructions and pretty soon, he’s sliding down the mountain by himself until father saves the day.

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