Fox & Camel: The Unicorn


Volume 5. Camel’s baby sister is going to have her first birthday and their parents are planning a party. Fox was invited, but Camel felt left out. His baby sister received many presents, but everyone forgot about Camel and he was pouting about it. Pretty soon grandpa arrived and told some stories to make Camel feel better. In the end, Camel and Fox both had fun and ate lots of pizza, spaghetti and ice cream. And like all the little boys and girls who came to the party, Fox and Camel each received a present. Camel learned to be a good sport. He loves his grandpa.


It’s time for Camel’s baby sister’s first birthday. Camel’s Mom plans a fun first birthday party, but Camel doesn’t understand why all the fuss is about her and why the guests are forgetting about him. Fox is a good sport, but Camel becomes reclusive. He can’t be happy for his little sister until he learns some valuable lessons from his grandpa.

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