Fox & Camel: The Track Meet


Volume 3. Fox and Camel were the best of friends. They work together to devise a plan for Camel to compete at his track meet and trouble follows as a result. Fox and Camel discover that honesty is the best policy. They like to share and learn together and it makes them such good friends.


When Camel was younger, he consistently lost backyard races to Fox, but now he’s the fastest in the neighborhood. Camel tries out for the track team and learns some valuable lessons. Simply being the best is not enough. To be a good teammate, you need to listen to your coach and respect your teammates. Camel learns the difficult lesson that deception is not the path to success. Fox, Camel’s parents, his track coach and even Camel’s little sister see the obvious, but it takes Camel a little longer to learn about honesty.

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