Fox & Camel: The Stamp Collection


Volume 6. Fox and Camel were the best of friends. See how Fox helps Camel resolve a situation with a missing stamp collection that has bothered Camel for years. Follow along as they work together to create a solution that works for Camel. Fox and Camel like to share and see what makes them such good friends.


Camel lost his beloved stamp collection and was feeling pretty sorry for himself. Fox suggested they start a stamp club. They invited all their friends, including Tom the turtle, Turtle’s cousin Slowpoke and Camel’s cousin Jogger. The stamp club put Camel in a better state of mind. Fox and Camel then discovered that Camel’s little sister lost her hair band collection. Read about how Fox and Camel teamed about to make Camel’s little sister feel better. Along the way, Camel learned valuable lessons about helping others.

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