Fox & Camel: The Coronavirus


Volume 8. Fox and Camel were the best of friends. See how they deal with the difficulty of maintaining their friendship as they are asked to stay indoors, practice social distancing and wear face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.


To Parents: We have had to adjust our lives during the COVID -19 pandemic and as a result had our world turned upside down. We worry about contacting the virus and we have seen the terrible consequences it produces. To deal with the virus, severe steps have been recommended by federal and state health care authorities to reduce the risk of exposure. We learned social distancing, avoiding crowds, working remotely and wearing masks when in public. In short, we have had to adjust, and we have had to make significant concessions for our own and our family’s welfare.

But have you wondered how the pandemic and its host of rules impacts our children? Have you wondered how to discuss this with your young children in a thoughtful, age-appropriate way without unduly creating additional anxiety? If so, here is a child’s book which deals with these issues at a level that is comprehensible for preschoolers and early graders.

This is the eighth book in the Fox & Camel series and is the first one that deals with a topical subject that is not fantasy. The author and illustrator hope you and your young child or children enjoy this book. We think you and they will.

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