Fox & Camel: The Chess Club


Volume 9. Fox and Camel were the best of friends. See how they enjoy learning to play chess and forming an exclusive chess club. Fox’s sister is curious about all the commotion and wants to participate, but first needs to learn the game. In a surprise, she masters the game and decides to form her own club. A classic case of sibling rivalry with a pleasant outcome.


To Parents: We watch as our children learn to play and compete and at times their development leads to conflict between siblings. In this story, Fox & Camel decide that chess is a good game to play when the weather doesn’t permit outdoor activities. With friends and cousins, they form a chess club.

Read about what happens when Fox’s younger sister, Camella, wants to become a member, but she doesn’t know how to play. Undaunted, Camella seeks guidance from her father and soon masters a variety of classic chess openings, including the “Queen’s Gambit”. Camella beats the boys, but instead of joining their chess club, she forms her own. This is a story with valuable lessons for your youngsters.

This is the ninth book in the Fox & Camel series. The author and illustrator hope you and your young child or children enjoy this book. We think you and they will.

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