Fox & Camel: The Stamp Collection


Fox and Camel were the best of friends. See how Fox helps Camel resolve a situation with a missing stamp collection that has bothered Camel for years. Follow along as they work together to create a solution that works for Camel. Fox and Camel like to share and see what makes them such good friends.


Camel invites Fox to his house to play with Camel’s stamp collection only to find out that it’s missing. Camel has difficulty dealing with this disappointment despite Fox’s best efforts. Meet Tom, the Turtle, Tom’s cousin, Slow Poke and Camel’s cousin, Jogger. Read along as they start a stamp club and when they learn that Camel’s baby sister lost her hair band collection, Fox and Camel devise a plan to make her happy. She, in turns, helps Camel forget about his lost stamps.

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