Fox & Camel: The Ice Cream Cone


Fox and Camel were the best of friends. See how they work together to create new ways to play together when it is raining outside. Follow along through their trials and tribulations of developing the rules for their new activity. Fox and Camel like to share and you can see what makes them such good friends.


Fox and Camel are outside and hear the ice cream truck touring the neighborhood. Fox quickly races for ice cream with Camel, who is wheeling his baby sister in a stroller, not far behind. Pretty soon thier friends, Tom, Slow Poke and Jogger, join in. The five friends jostle for position to order their treats. Fox gets his treat before Camel, eats it quickly and is ready for more. When Camel orders an extra-large portion to share with his baby sister, Fox convinces Camel that the extra scoop should be for him to avoid baby camel getting an upset stomach.

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