Michael Kaufman

Michael A. Kaufman, the author of the Fox and Camel series of children’s books, is a retired Corporate lawyer who spent the majority of his professional career at Johnson & Johnson. He had a lot of fun telling stories to his youngest child, Andrea, whenever they want on trips to keep her entertained. Andrea quickly fell in love with the stories and she eventually suggested that he write them down. The demands of corporate work left no time for that, but after retirement, Andrea, by then a college student, reiterated her suggestion.

The suggestion was appealing, especially since by then, the Kaufmans had become grandparents. While the original stories were lost, the concept was there and the urge to write new ones led to these stories. The books are very loosely based on events that occurred to the author or to members of his family.

Michael and his wife, Sherryl, make their home in East Brunswick, New Jersey and like to vacation in Colorado. The first seven books were completed in 2019 and a book launch was held at their home in September 2019. The Kaufmans’ four grandchildren love the books as do the grandchildren of their friends and other family members. 

Mickey and Andrea camel riding
Dad and daughter, Andrea, enjoying a ride on a real camel in 2005.

Mr. Kaufman collaborated on this project with Lorraine Dey of DeyStudios. Ms. Dey is a professional artist. Her illustrations of the characters made the books come alive.