About the Author

Michael Kaufman, the author of the Fox and Camel series of books, spent the majority of his professional career as a corporate lawyer for Johnson & Johnson. Shortly after retirement, he decided to undertake the writing of these books at the encouragement of members of his family and in between his numerous volunteer activities for non-profit organizations.

Michael and his wife, Sherryl, make their home in East Brunswick, NJ, are the parents of three grown children and have several grandchildren under five years of age who, hopefully, will love Fox & Camel® stories as much as their youngest child, Andrea, did growing up. The Kaufmans enjoy vacationing in Colorado.

Dad and daughter, Andrea, enjoying a ride on a real camel in 2005.

Mr. Kaufman collaborated on this project with Lorraine Dey of DeyStudios. Ms. Dey is a professional artist who made the characters in these books come “alive”.

Fox & Camel Book Series

Written By Michael Kaufman

Illustrations by Lorraine Dey

Publishing Services by Deystudio, LLC